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Arabic and Indonesian Modality: A Contrastive Analysis

The purpose of this research was to describe and to compare Arabic and Indonesian modality based on structure. In order to get valid results, three steps are needed. First, data collecting method were conducted by correct reading and technique note method. Second, the contrastive method with the descriptive and comparative technique was applied to analyze the data. The theories used in these researches were eclectics that they were taking ideas from several linguistic theories and combining them into a certain point of view. Third, the formal and informal method using the technique of formulation and clarification through ordinary words employed to present the data analysis result. The results of these researches show that the structure of Arabic modality were (1) Modal Auxiliaries (MA): käda and yakädu, (2) Finite Verbs of Modality (FVM): yastaïҁu and yajüzu, and (3) Lexical Modals (LM). The structures of modality in Indonesian were lexical modals (LM), phrase modals (PM) and clause modals (CM).