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The Sharia Practices for Establishing Sustainable Mining Industry

Author (s): 
Libertina Widyamurti Ambari

While mining is continuing and shall continue to be the cornerstone of human civilization(Ghose, 2009), on the other side, it is facing the negative images alleged by most of the world communitiesas the activitybrings damages on the environment, andis quitea lot proved losingthe local communitiesin terms ofsocialand economic catastrophes. In some cases of mining operation, these issues often forcethe operators/companies to close the sites, but still leave problems behind. Whereas for the mining which has been established, running the operation in several countries worldwide does not mean discharging from the issues.Setting up a sustainable mining industry in order to keep civilizing the humans, as well as preserving the environment and improving the social and economic impacts on the people, should be done and would pose a challenge at once. Such a project as Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) has demonstrated in responding the challenge of sustainable mining. In addition, general indicators on sustainable mining have been proposed by the Global Mining Initiative (GMI). Then, how Sharia, which is well-known as the blueprint of Muslim society, regulates a mining industry so  it can comply with the sustainability concept. This paper is outlining the environmental, social and economic failures, which are caused by the implementation of current mining operation, and how shariapractically answers the challenge for establishing sustainable mining industry. The MMSD framework and the GRI indicatorsare included as comparisons.

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