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Assets Distribution Potential With Islamic Financial Planning Method

Author (s): 
Rahmat Arafah and Muthia Ummi Fathiy

The purpose of this paper is to see the potential of Islamic Financial Planning to break out from budget deficit which is caused by the unhealthy patt the Islamic shari’ah as a guideline in their economic activities and goal of the islamic financial planning is to make a balance in the economics all of us. This paper begins with a general Islamic view towards wealth and the ways to manage it and combine with the financial planning convensional. The study cases that are frequent these days are the occurrence of many individuals who have high incomes but still fail to enjoy the fruit of their efforts gracefully. Hence, in this research the author tries to provide a healthy solution in financial planning which is in accordance with Islamic teachings. Finding that authors get with this method is that the solutions to personal finance has been a common problem, especially for those middle and upper economic groups. The application of islamic financial planning model, will give a pretty good effect for the life of this world and the hereafter. because with this method, there will be a balance between the needs of the world and the hereafter. The originality of this paper is purely the author’s, which is also supported by field research and scholarly process of available literatures so as to fit with Islamic values and to provide answers to the need of financial planning for a muslim individual.

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